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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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5 Things You Can Learn From Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is known as the most influential female rapper to date. How has this talented individual become known as one of the most charted female-rappers in  history? Two words …Tunnel Vision. Since 2007, Nicki developed an image which she has molded and changed throughout the years. She is always changing and transparent. From hardcore rap to commercialized pop, Nicki, stayed current with the trends and fads of the time. She also stayed focused on her career as a solo artist with the backing of her record label Young Money Ent.
So what else can one learn from Nicki…
1. Do Not Waste Time
Time is the number one barrier block for unsuccessful people. How you spend your time can determine the outcome of your future. Spending time on things that can help enhance you, or further you in life can benefit your past, present, and future. Nicki wasted no time putting out hit single after hit single. She stayed in the studio and dedicated her time to her craft, and love for music.
2. Endurance
When someone is destined for greater accomplishments in life, the preparation for such journey can be longer than others. Nicki learned from the female rappers who came before her. Nicki proved that her ever-changing style and flow helped her stay on top.
Nicki has shown endurance for the past six years. From starting as a local rapper in Jamaica-Queens to performing with Drake at the VMA’s, Nicki has transitioned into one of the most well-known artist of 2013. She has endured hateful criticism and negative opinions of her private life. Despite all the hate and fowl criticism, Nicki has remained loyal to her fans and stays true to who she is. She has thrived in the face of adversity. Endurance is the breakfast of champions and those who can look past the hurtful critiques will come out victorious. Learn from Nicki.
3. Self-Effort
No one makes it by his or herself in this world. We all have had some kind of help. However self-effort is the only way to success. Nicki had natural raw talent to help her climb to the top. But how she stayed there was with self-effort. She pushed herself to be the best. Her mentor Wayne aided Nicki, but ultimately she decided her fate. By having self-effort Nicki was able to change her style, appearance, and lyrical flow. Self-effort is what keeps you on top.
4. Understand Illusion and Reality
Success does not discriminate. Positive people are successful, negative people are successful, ugly people are successful, and pretty people are successful. Do not think you have to act, look, or be a certain way in order to be successful. Be in tune with reality and understand that success comes from being yourself and growing. Nicki understood this concept. She had a tremendous growth within the past six years. Nicki understood the power of reality and how change has to take place in order for one to stay relevant. However changing for growth is not the same as changing for the world or general public. With growth comes change. Do not let illusion fool you for reality.
5. Tunnel Vision
No one will be more invested in your life than you. You have to determine as soon as possible what kind of outcome you want for your life. By having a sense of urgency to find out what you want in life, you can start to create a vision of your path. Tunnel vision is a great method to staying focus on yourself and not allowing outside influences determine your success. Tunnel vision also helps you stay grounded. It keeps you from worrying about what someone else has or what some else might be doing. Nicki focused on getting her name out there, staying focused on how she was going to make it and kept her mind focused on one thing…her vision.
Believe in your skills and talents and just like Nicki, you can achieve great accomplishments. Take away these five useful tips to help better your life and/or circumstance. You can learn a lot from her achievements


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